RepTrack is an Android App which will track your field staff (Reps), on your mobile phone on Google Maps, when they go out for field work.
RepTrack will track your field employees in real time though GPS on google maps. The field staff is aware of this tracking and will have no choice but to do their work efficiently and on time. This will increase productivity and efficiency of the employee, thus benefiting your business.
You can install RepTrack from Google Play Store from the following link : Tap here to install RepTrack
No, currently RepTrack is available in Android versions only. But it will be available in iOS very soon.
No, You can create Reps without Email ID, since, login by Rep can be done with his mobile number also.
When you create Reps, they will get an SMS with their login details & password along with a link to Play Store for installing. The link will take them to the RepTrack Application.
Ensure that your Rep has activated the gps on his phone and their data is on. You will get their accurate location after 10 minutes intervals. Also, if Rep has NOT logged in, you will not get location. Please advise Reps to login first time when you add them.
No, Rep cannot see his location as his dashboard has no facility of Map.
If Rep shuts down his phone, you will get to know immediately, as the "green" dot on his box (in Reps section) will turn "red". His battery status is also visible on the box.